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Installation Help

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If you are new to electric fencing here are some tips to help you get started. 


Most common power fence problems can be traced back to improper grounding. If a fence is behaving "odd" in any way, it's most likely a problem with the grounding. We recommend 3 6' galvanized steel grounding rods spaced 10' apart and joined with a continuous galvanized wire and clamped to each rod.

Don't over Tension

You can measure your fences tension using a tension meter.  Our electric fences should be tensioned approximately 200 lbs vs the typical fence is tensioned to 340 lbs.

Train your Animal for their New Fence

You want your animals to have a healthy respect for your fence.  One method of doing so it so create small paddocks.  They can be trained in this small space.  They will quickly learn to avoid the fence which carries the electric current.  

Don't Mix your metals 

We recommend using galvanized steel for your fence.  When the current passes through different metals it creates electrolysis reactions which over time can damage your fence.

Energizer Installation

Mains/Plug In Energizers need protection from the elements.  Keep in a barn, covered area, or inside a weatherproof box. Battery and Solar Energizers are commonly used outside and have a weather resistant construction. For solar applications we recommend turning your energizer to the south and tilt the charger so it captures the strongest.  mid-day sun.

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User Manuals:

Mains/Plug In Powered

36000RS    46000W     630000RS

1000    2000     3000     6000     6000I     12000I    18000I

Battery Powered

AN20     AN90

Solar Powered


For user manuals and guides on how to install specific products, please refer to the links above. Note: The guides below may be general to the type of product and instructions specific to item purchased should be followed.